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Shape Up Workshop: Shaping Projects for a Variable Scope

Shape Up Offering

Target Audience

Primary Target Audience: Product Managers, Designers, Developers, Strategists, Concept Developers

Secondary Target Audience: Business Owners , Managers


4 hours


Introduction to Shaping in a Variable Scope

  • Explore the comprehensive nature of Shaping and its significance in ensuring projects fit within a fixed time budget.
  • Discover the philosophy behind Shaping projects with flexibility at their core.

Collaborative De-Risking

  • Delve into the continuous de-risking of a product idea, emphasizing the collaborative efforts of tech, design, and product teams.

Essential Tools for Effective Shaping

  1. Kick Off Exercise: Begin the project with a clear understanding and set the direction.
  2. Finding Unknowns: Identify challenges and gaps early on.
  3. Scope Sequencing & Ordering: Prioritize and arrange tasks for optimal flow.
  4. Scope Hammering: Refine project scope based on real-time insights and constraints.
  5. Showing Progress: Ensure visibility and effective communication of project advancements.

Packaging with the Building Team in Mind

  • Learn how to effectively draft a “Packaging” that not only encapsulates key elements but also considers the building team from the outset, ensuring smoother execution.

Maintaining Team Connectivity

  • Strategies to ensure continuous alignment with your team, fostering cohesion and shared understanding.

Hands-on Group Activity

  • Engage in a practical building exercise using the “Kick Off Exercise” to understand its role in shaping projects with a variable scope.

Conclusion and Feedback

  • Reflect on the principles and tools of shaping in this specific mindset.
  • Engage in an open Q&A session for further understanding.

Benefits of Attending

  • Engage in a transformative workshop that elevates your understanding of project preparation, ensuring ideas are feasible, clear, and set for success.
  • Acquire hands-on experience with essential Shaping tools, empowering you to transform vague ideas into actionable project outlines.
  • Understand the collaborative nature of Shaping, ensuring that all potential risks are addressed and that the project aligns with genuine business objectives.

Interested in diving even deeper? Questions about the session or methodologies discussed? Feel free to reach out, I’m here to help. Drop me a line at [email protected]!