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Shape Up Workshop: Building with a Fixed Time Mindset

Shape Up Offering

Target Audience

  • Primary: Designers, Developers, Product Managers
  • Secondary: Business Owners, Managers, Strategists, Concept Developers


4 hours


Introduction to Building in this Mindset

  • Understand the philosophy and necessity of executing well-shaped ideas within a fixed time frame.

Essential Tools for Effective Building

  • Kick Off Exercise: Set the stage and align the team’s understanding at the beginning of a project.
  • Finding Unknowns: Identify potential hurdles and gaps in your project plan.
  • Scope Sequencing & Ordering: Learn techniques to prioritize and order tasks to ensure optimal project flow.
  • Scope Hammering: Discover methods to refine and narrow down the project scope based on real-time insights and constraints.
  • Showing Progress: Understand the importance of visibility and how to effectively communicate project advancements to stakeholders.

Maintaining Team Connectivity

  • Dive deep into strategies and practices that ensure you remain in sync with your team, promoting cohesion and shared understanding throughout the project duration.

Hands-on Group Activity

  • Engage in a collaborative building exercise using the “Kick Off Exercise” to understand its significance in setting the right direction and tone for the project.

Conclusion and Feedback

  • Reflect on the techniques and tools of building in this mindset.
  • Open discussion and Q&A session to further clarify and understand the approach.

Benefits of Attending

  • Equip yourself with a toolkit designed for executing projects within a “Variable Scope, Fixed Time” mindset, ensuring timely and efficient outcomes.
  • Engage in practical exercises that provide firsthand experience of the challenges and benefits of this approach.
  • Learn to maintain strong team connectivity, ensuring smooth project progression and shared understanding among team members.

Interested in diving even deeper? Questions about the session or methodologies discussed? Feel free to reach out, I’m here to help. Drop me a line at [email protected]!