Klaus Breyer Tech Leadership, Product Delivery & Startup Strategy.

Company of One, Jeff Jarvis, 2020

In an era dominated by start-ups striving for exponential growth, the concept of staying small as a ‘Company of One’ offers a refreshing paradigm shift. My exploration into Paul Jarvis’s compelling book, alongside insightful tangents from Cal Newport and David Epstein, has led to profound realizations about business growth and personal fulfillment in the tech and product space.

Why Remain Small?

The allure of running a ‘Company of One’ lies in the profound wisdom that questions blind scaling. This philosophy isn’t about shunning growth but rather, scrutinizing its necessity and impact. It’s about sustaining profitability with minimal operational complexity and remaining agile and adaptable—a crucial trait I resonate with deeply as I navigate the tech world without succumbing to the trappings of unnecessary expansion.

Strategic Consulting Over Direct Programming

My journey reflects a strategic pivot from hands-on programming to shaping business models and consulting, where my technical acumen and product expertise significantly amplify organizational capabilities without the direct risks of financial overheads. This shift aligns with the ‘Company of One’ ethos of leveraging core competencies to drive value while maintaining operational simplicity.

Resilience and Adaptability

Echoing traits highlighted by Jarvis, resilience and the acceptance of reality prepare one for the unpredictable ebbs and flows of managing a solo venture. My narrative intertwines with insights from ‘Range’ by David Epstein, advocating for a generalist’s versatility in an increasingly specialized world, which has proven invaluable in consulting roles where broad knowledge translates into innovative problem-solving.

Financial Prudence and Creative Autonomy

A pivotal aspect of maintaining a ‘Company of One’ is financial prudence and the avoidance of external funding. This approach preserves creative autonomy, allowing for the implementation of innovative ideas such as weekend check-ins and simplified project scopes that ensure agility and prevent dilution of the core business mission.

Future Prospects and Minimalist Operations

Looking ahead, the principles extracted from ‘Company of One’ guide my future initiatives, focusing on essentialism in business operations and product development. The goal is to nurture a sustainable consulting practice that thrives on intellectual contribution without the traditional growth constraints, staying true to a minimalist yet impactful business model.


As I continue to sculpt my path in the tech industry, the lessons from ‘Company of One’ serve as a beacon, guiding my decisions towards sustainable practices that emphasize quality, autonomy, and the true essence of value creation. This journey is not just about maintaining size but about maximizing impact, where less is indeed more.