Klaus Breyer Tech Leadership, Product Delivery & Startup Strategy.

Nobody Owes You Simplicity. YOU Must Fight Details Early On.

Product development isn’t about cramming every detail from the get-go. It’s about clarity and purpose.

Focusing isn’t just about zeroing in on one thing; it’s about saying no to all the other distractions. Every “yes” comes with a hidden cost.

  1. No one will filter the noise for you. That’s on you, especially when you’re an engineer.

  2. Don’t discuss; it creates even more complexity.

  3. Bring your own minimal version (prototype) to the table. Start at the epicenter.

  4. Once you have that foundation, cooperate with those who bring the complexity. Only add what’s absolutely necessary.

  5. Ruthlessly strip away the superfluous. Every. Single. Time.

  6. Repeat until it makes sense. For you and for the ones with complexity.

Remember: In software, like in life, simplicity isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s about function. Start simple. Stay vigilant. Keep it clean.

Don’t discuss. Make something.