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I did manage to do a little christmas project this year, scratching my own itch. (Remember: the best projects come from an actual need.. ;) ).

So - what is my need? While reading my links stored in Pocket, I asked myself what would be an easy way (without 3rd party tools) to link them with my knowledge I put regularly in Roam Research (some call it a note-taking tool).

So I started an open source project to format exported highlights from Pocket in plain html, so that they are is easy to copy & paste (e.g. into Roam Research).

You can see an example (meaning my personal, daily updated, Pocket highlights) here: https://pocket.v01.io

I use this page as an middle layer, befor copy & pasting them into Roam and linking them to other existing thoughts.

Some background thoughts onto this project: first I wondered if it would be possible to import these things automatically into Roam Research. However, I decided against it. I’m not interested in importing loose chucks of texts from other authors into Roam Research, but rather in linking the highlights to my existing knowledge (based on the notebox methodology). So I’m happy with the semi-automated version for now because I edit them after I copy & pasted them.

The project can be found on Github, anyone can set it up for themselves utilizing Github Pages.