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Zettel v1.0 - Shopping list prototyping - Google Spreadsheet

It’s Saturday. Saturday we do our weekly shopping. Every week one thing bothers me: The supermarket is sorted differently than the shopping list. A constant back and forth - here I saw potential for optimisation.

We always have a backlog of recipes + ingredients that we make regularly. I have now transferred this into Google Drive and provided the ingredients with a supermarket sequence.

So at the end the table can be sorted and printed out according to the order - and the purchase becomes more structured.

That’s just a rapid prototype for now. I could even make something like an app out of it - but I prefer paper, because otherwise I have to balance the phone + shopping cart + child all the time. But let’s see what else results from the use.

You can find my template here. You can copy it and experiment a bit yourself. Works in this version for the Kaufland in Berlin Gesundbrunnen.

On YouTube you can see v1.0 in action.