enex-to-opml - Evernote Export

Whoever (like me) is currently migrating from Evernote to Workflowy * would like to take their notes with them. Unfortunately Evernote is quite closed about that. So I wrote a small command line tool in Node to convert the unspeakable XML of the .enex files into cleaner .ompl for Workflowy.


  • Each note title becomes a Workflowy entry.
  • Note content and HTML (stripped) are used for note content.

I wrote it in Node.js and then published it as npm . The repository at github .


To use it you only need Node.JS and of course npm. Then you can install it like this:

npm install enex-to-opml -g


The use is just as easy. Just go to the folder with your .enex files exported from Evernote and call the script with them as parameters.

cd /path/to/your/evernote-exports/ enex-to-ompl export.enex

You will get an export.ompl file, which you can copy and paste into Workflowy.

Step by Step

Export 1st Evernote notes

call script

$ enex-to-opml example.enex Processing: example.enex Saved: example.opml $

copy .opml file in text editor

import into Workflowy