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enex-to-opml - Evernote Export

Whoever (like me) is currently migrating from Evernote to Workflowy* would like to take their notes with them. Unfortunately Evernote is quite closed about that. So I wrote a small command line tool in Node to convert the unspeakable XML of the .enex files into cleaner .ompl for Workflowy.


  • Each note title becomes a Workflowy entry.
  • Note content and HTML (stripped) are used for note content.

I wrote it in Node.js and then published it as npm. The repository at github.


To use it you only need Node.JS and of course npm. Then you can install it like this:

npm install enex-to-opml -g


The use is just as easy. Just go to the folder with your .enex files exported from Evernote and call the script with them as parameters.

cd /path/to/your/evernote-exports/ enex-to-ompl export.enex

You will get an export.ompl file, which you can copy and paste into Workflowy.

Step by Step

Export 1st Evernote notes

call script

$ enex-to-opml example.enex Processing: example.enex Saved: example.opml $

copy .opml file in text editor

import into Workflowy