Klaus Breyer Tech Leadership, Product Delivery & Startup Strategy.

What distinguishes good processes from bad processes

Far too often, processes are set up to avoid mistakes - not a good approach. The initiator of a process probably has nothing wrong in mind. He wants to increase quality or productivity but wants to do this by thinking for others. Then long checklists are created, defining what has to be agreed with whom and by when… you know the drill.

Good processes clearly show the goal and give as much freedom as possible. Therefore:

Good processes increase productivity, and bad processes try to avoid mistakes.

That’s my opinion. My axiom. As a basis for several process and productivity topics that I would like to address in the future.

In the case of insurance companies, banks, airlines, and the like, many processes for avoiding errors are set by legislation. But in the creative industries, we still have it reasonably good. And we should also make use of this freedom.