Klaus Breyer Tech Leadership, Product Delivery & Startup Strategy.


I love to work on interesting problems. Reach out to me via E-Mail or LinkedIn.

The intersection of tech, product, and business – that’s where I thrive.

For me, it is not about code; it’s about weaving the tech fabric into the company’s culture — for agencies, SMEs, or fledgling startups.

Over the last 15 years, I have built quite a track record of product and tech leadership and building startups and business units.

Below, I tried to categorize some of the things I have done: Teams that innovate and Projects that matter.

Start, Iterate, Fight Bullshit!

Startup Founding and Strategy

I transform innovative ideas into successful ventures through strategic planning and pragmatic execution. This involves selling the product & tech vision to stakeholders, achieving product-market fit, and scaling it way beyond.

  • BuzzBird GmbH - Founder & CPTO in Influencer Marketplace: We launched a platform for programmatically booking social media influencers, similar to Google Ads. We have developed key software features, including a billing system, a matching algorithm, and inventory management, promoting transparency and data-driven insights. (2016–2018)

  • Buddybrand GmbH - Founder and Technical Director in Digital Agency: Started post-university; spearheaded the creation of Facebook apps in Germany as the first “Facebook Agency.” Grew the company significantly to 35 FTE, contributing to its current status as a renowned full-service digital agency. (2010–2015)

Interim Management and Team Building

I assemble and manage interdisciplinary product and tech teams, including senior leaders, to excel in remote settings. I address critical challenges and deliver substantial user value by accelerating the transition from chaotic ad-hoc development to structured product and engineering processes.

  • edding AG - Head of Product & Technology: My primary focus is steering the innovative easycheck product, a cutting-edge digital driver’s license control solution, towards greater heights by transforming it from a corporate feature factory to an empowered product team. (2023-now)

  • Voith Hydro Pocket - Tech Lead in Industrial IoT: I led Voith GmbH’s Hydro Pocket’s tech division, establishing a team and implementing the Shape Up method. I focused on enhancing hydropower plant efficiency and reliability with actionable data. Industry awards praised my achievements. (2019–2023)

  • Native Studios UG - Tech Lead & Technical Evangelist in SaaS: Developed initial prototypes to secure investors and customers, later led product development and technology advocacy, led the initial product development, and secured early investors. (2016–2019)

Advisory and Investing 

As an advisor, coach, or investor, I provide strategic insights to the founders to optimize product and technical operations and offer due diligence when necessary. My hands-on approach allows me to coach senior management and team leads of product and tech teams, enhancing their ability to execute effectively and grow as individuals.

  • Vitalfunktion GmbH - Investor & Member of the Advisor Board for Pharma Tech: I have invested and act as advisor to the founder of an app on medication intolerances, managing thousands of MAUs and a B2B version for healthcare professionals. (2018–Now)
  • Touch361 - Member of the Advisor Board for Business Intelligence SaaS: Provided technical advice on data protection and product development, focusing on marketing and business intelligence challenges. Provided technical advice on data protection and product development, focusing on marketing and business intelligence challenges. (2019–2023)

Building the First Version of Products

I love to prototype and craft the first version of products from scratch, bringing together product and tech knowledge. Hands-on, I quickly validate and iterate business models.

  • fillter.me: Co-founded and developed a tool to streamline communication for social media creators. (2021–2023)
  • Unixtime. app: Developed a tool for easy bulk timestamp conversion. (2022–Now)
  • Open Source: Whenever I see something that should exist but is not viable enough for a business model, I put it out there as open source.


I like to mentor and coach software engineers and first-time founders in those contexts: