I’m Klaus Breyer. With a lifetime in tech, a degree in Software Engineering, and a passion for innovation, I went from founding my first startup in 2010 to playing key roles as CTO/CTPO in many others.

I’ve anchored my beliefs in Shape Up, the next wave of agile.

I turn visionary business goals into concrete results, with focused expertise at the intersection of product and tech organization. It’s not merely about coding; it’s about crafting standout products that make a mark and drive business forward.

  1. Startup strategy & product-market fit – turning ideas into impactful ventures.
  2. Selling the tech vision – whether it’s to investors or stakeholders.
  3. Prototyping & Crafting the first version of a product from scratch, if need be.
  4. Assembling and Nurturing a Killer Team – Remote or in Berlin, transitioning from chaotic ad-hoc development to structured product delivery cadence.
  5. Bringing product & engineering processes up to speed - fostering asynchronous collaboration.

From startup monoliths to large microservice environments, I’ve led and launched.

But beyond the tech, I build infrastructures that empower.

Teams that innovate and Projects that matter.

I’ve penned down my thoughts in articles and shared them out loud at conferences. Whether it’s a page or a stage, I’m there.

Good software is always used but never finished.

That’s all.

Founding & Management Experience

Throughout my career, I’ve led the development and launch of numerous cutting-edge projects in modern web stacks. I pride myself on my ability to balance technical excellence with a strategic vision, enabling my teams to focus on solving problems that truly matter and delivering value to users.

Hydro Pocket

Role: Tech Lead (freelance)

Industry: Industrial Internet of Things

Period: 2019 – 2023

As the Technical Lead at Hydro Pocket, the first end-customer product of the industrial company GmbH & Co. KGaA, I built the tech team from scratch within this new business unit and introduced the Shape Up method. Hydro Pocket is a leading provider of solutions for hydropower plants. It offers innovative technologies to prevent outages and optimize the performance of hydropower plants through actionable real-time data.

Gustavo Major Arantes, Global Product Manager at Voith Hydro:

Klaus is strongly recommended! We worked together the last couple of years and I am proud of what we achieved together!

Andreas Puffert, Division Lead Strategic Experience Design at Ray Sono:

Klaus is a fire starter and absolute rockstar as CTO and CPO. Love to work with him!

BuzzBird GmbH

Role: Founder and Chief Technology & Product Officer

Industry: Influencer Marketplace

Period: 2016 – 2018

We embarked on an exciting journey with the goal of making social media influencers programmatically bookable - similar to Google Ads. This challenge sparked innovation, leading to the development of sophisticated software, which is now primarily used internally. This software effectively digitalizes the influencer process, acting as an “Influencer Agency on Steroids.”

Key features of our system include a billing system, a matching algorithm, and an influencer inventory management module. Furthermore, it encourages transparency and data-driven decisions by enabling social media creators to share their statistics.

buddybrand GmbH

Role: Founder and managing technical director

Industry: digital agency

Period: 2010 – 2015

Right out of university, I started building Facebook apps as a freelancer with my co-founders – just at the right time. Even before I could hand in my bachelor thesis, we had earned enough money to start a GmbH. In the next 3 years alone, we built several hundred Facebook apps and grew from cash flow to 30+ employees. Nowadays, buddybrand is a full-service digital creative agency these days.

Consulting, Startup Advisory & Side Projects

In addition to my professional experience, I’m also a dedicated entrepreneur and startup investor. I develop and market projects on the side and support early-stage companies through money or time. I’m also committed to giving back to the open-source community and have contributed to several projects.

Ray Sono AG

Role: Technology Principal (freelance)

Industry: Technology and Industrial Solutions

Period: 2019 – Now

As a Technology Principal, I am involved in projects from the initial conceptual brainstorming stage to the eventual implementation, using either internal or external resources. In larger projects, I take on the role of Tech Lead, overseeing a development team. I perform these duties on-site with the Berlin team or remotely with an international team of developers.

vitalfunktion GmbH

Role: Startup Adivsor

Industry: Pharma Tech

Period: 2018 – Now

The startup’s main product is a really smooth-to-use app for medication intolerances. I am sparring with the founder Maximilian (pharmacist), weekly for product development and monetization. Currently, we have a solid number of several thousand MAU (Monthly Active Users) and refinance the app through fixed advertising cooperations in the pharmaceutical industry.

In addition, there is also a B2B variant (planned initially as a pivot) aimed at doctors and pharmacists. I developed the prototype in Material UI and still maintain the product today.


Role: Startup Advisor

Industry: Business Intelligence Software

Period: 2019 – 2023

I was a technical sparring partner for founders with marketing and business intelligence as their focus. The challenges we tackled focused on data protection / DSGVO and the product development process with the technical service provider.


Role: Co-founder & CTPO

Industry: Social Media Tools

Period: 2021 – 2023

Fillter is a form for all social media creator requests. They link Fillter in their link tree, Instagram bio, or website. Through a unique questioning technique, the requests come as usual via email – only in good.

The tool is a joint venture with Felix and Oğuz. We all work hands-on as equal co-founders, with our individual skills, to bring the project to the world.

Role: Founder

Industry: Developer Tools

Period: 2022 – now

A tool designed for API developers to facilitate bulk timestamp conversion. The idea was born out of my work as a Tech Lead in an IIoT microservice context where data, coded as Unix timestamps, was plentiful. I sought to streamline my workflow, crafting a tool that let me bypass the laborious task of individually selecting timestamps for conversion in external services. Now, I can simply copy entire API requests into and view all timestamps directly within their context. The tool also allows me to capture screenshots of the conversions, useful for sharing in collaborative spaces like Slack or JIRA. What started as a straightforward HTML file has evolved into a full-fledged application for Mac and Windows and is now open source.


Role: Solopreneuer Project

Industry: Developer Tools

Period: 2020 – 2021

Remote times necessitate remote tools. is a tool designed for frontend developers. It allows them to stream the console.log output from any remote browser in real-time directly into their own developer console.

Fotando GmbH

Role: Founder and Chief Prototyping Officer

Industry: E-commerce

Period: 2018 – 2019

We had noticed that most photo printing vendors always send their customers to ugly, bloated, slow native apps, which in turn also always had ugly ad conversions as they sent users to the AppStore. So the challenge was clear: we need a customer journey where the user can upload, crop, and edit their photo in the mobile browser and then (after delivery) hang it on the wall (claim: from hand to the wall!). Technically, it worked great that way, too. However, at that time, the company slid into the first Corona wave shortly before it was financed. In retrospect: Pretty stupid – for all parties.

Native Studios UG

Role: Technical Evangelist & Tech Lead (interim)

Industry: SaaS

Period: 2016 – 2019

I built several iterations of a prototype for the founders in 2016 and 2017 until they could convince backers and first customers with it.

Afterward, I was Tech Lead for product development and Technical Evangelist to convince customers of the startup’s technology and capabilities.


As an accomplished writer and public speaker, I’m always eager to share my insights and expertise with others. In addition to my own book, I’ve written numerous guest articles for top blogs and am a frequent conference speaker, comfortable addressing audiences of all sizes and backgrounds.





I like to mentor and coach software engineers and first-time founders: