Klaus Breyer Tech Leadership, Product Delivery & Startup Strategy.

Crafting Technological Futures

I’m Klaus Breyer. With a lifetime in tech, a degree in Software Engineering, and a passion for innovation, I went from founding my first startup in 2010 to playing key roles as CTO/CTPO in many others.

As I bootstrap my next startup idea, I’m available for consulting and interim leadership gigs, leveraging my extensive experience.

Proven Impact and Expertise

I turn visionary business goals into concrete results, with focused expertise at the intersection of product and tech organization. It’s not merely about coding; it’s about crafting standout products that make a mark and drive business forward.

  1. Startup strategy & product-market fit – turning ideas into impactful ventures.
  2. Selling the tech vision – whether it’s to investors or stakeholders.
  3. Prototyping & Crafting the first version of a product from scratch, if need be.
  4. Assembling and Nurturing a Killer Team – Remote or in Berlin, transitioning from chaotic ad-hoc development to structured product delivery cadence.
  5. Bringing product & engineering processes up to speed - fostering asynchronous collaboration.

Shape Up

I’m all in on Shape Up - Agile’s got a new face, and it’s thrilling: Fixed time, variable scope. The only way to deliver quality - on time.

It is all about the people: Developers, designers, product managers – all on the same page, sculpting ideas into reality.

Want to spar about it? I offer free 1-hour sessions. Need a deep dive? I’m here for hands-on guidance.

Modern Web Stacks & Leadership

From startup monoliths to large microservice environments, I’ve led and launched.

But beyond the tech, I build infrastructures that empower.

Teams that innovate and Projects that matter.

Writer & Speaker

I’ve penned down my thoughts in articles and shared them out loud at conferences. Whether it’s a page or a stage, I’m there.

My v0.1 Manifest

Good software is always used but never finished.

That’s it.

Connect with Me

Tech, product, business – that’s where I thrive.

For me it is not about code, it’s about weaving the tech fabric into the company’s culture.

For agencies, SME or fledgling startups.

Interested? Drop me a line at [email protected]!